Global Information Network Cloud Servers are built on the latest in cloud technology which ensures that it always stays up.This means that you can finally focus on writing codes and deploying apps instead of dealing with server hardware issues. Instant scalability means that you need to buy only resources that you need and upgrade only when you need to.

 We work closely with every client to create a site that incorporates a well-defined marketing strategy and brand identity.


Clear & targeted presentation Quick and easy navigation system
Strong branding Appealing graphic design
Search engine friendliness Economical pricing
Quickly downloadable pages Using latest technologies

Website Design Packages

Web Design Plan 01

1 Home Page Design 10 Linked Page Design 1 Dynamic FeedBack Form 1 Year Domain Registration 25MB Web Hosting for 1 yr Delivery within 15 Day(s) Free Script Install
Price: TK 7,000/-

Web Design Plan 02

1 Home Page Design 20 Linked Page Design 1 Dynamic FeedBack Form 1 Dynaic Product Gallery 1 Year Domain Registration 50 MB Web Hosting for 1 yr Delivery within 15 Day(s)
Price: Tk 10,000/-

E-Commerce Solution

A Unique design website. Product Catalogs anagement Shopping Cart Payment System Included Admin Order Tracking System Free Setup Delivery within 25 days
Price: Tk 25,000/-

Custom Web Design

Home page = $15 Any Linked page = $10 Dynamic FeedBack Form = $20 Normal Banner = $18 Flash Banner = $25 Flash Intro = $35 Logo Design = Negotiable

When designing your web site, our designers ensure that your website is fully optimised to ensure that it ranks well on the search engines.

Our goal is to deliver only the highest quality services in a responsive manner. And at a competitive, value-added price.

What’s it all about?

* Retain a fresh look and feel

* Optimization for search engines

* Integrate new technologies so that you stay in-sync with the times

* Give a fresh new interface to your customers

* Add new features of functions to the site

* Improve navigation

* Upgrade to e-commerce site etc.


– Determination of focus areas and core concerns

· Phase wise division of development process

· Project time & Cost determination

· Freezing of requirements

· Designing, development and delivery

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